Art Prints – EP3 To the Printshop

When I was done with the drawing I hit up the printshop the same day. The two guys that worked there printed my design in different settings on different printers.

Eventually we got the right settings and I was so so happy. The feels of this process were immaculate. A project that progressed so natural. Impulsively intuitive.

We also printed out sum stickers, superrr (if you get this reference, email me and you get a free print and sticker). From today prints and stickers are up. More coming soon!

Xx Burt

Art Prints – EP2 Digitalizing

Where we left of

After the sketching was roughly done, I made a picture and loaded it into procreate; a digital design drawing app that is so easy to use you only need an ipad and a digital pencil. I already got an ipad, well it’s my dad’s but I can steal it when he is occupied. I bought a cheap ipad pen for 20 euros and got to drawing.

I had been drawing in the app for just a couple of days and only made ugly stuff. I loaded this sketch in and got to creating. Sure, at first it looked like shiz, but after a little while the drawing was looking sick and I decided to go with it. The outline was finished and colors were added. Having no knowledge of color profiles I used the what I thought were the best fitting colors.

Turns out procreate defaults to an rgb profile, what stands for red-green-blue. A color scheme that is used by any online digital interface. Everything on your mobile devices shows up in rgb. However, printers can’t print these colors and use a cmyk color profile, which means it only uses the colors cyan-magenta-yellow-black. Oops, now when I arrived at the printer shop the guys told me my bright blue green snake lady design needed to change and the colors needed to be tweaked. So, I did that and we got to printing.

I'll update you on that in the next post.

Art Prints – EP1 Sketching

Yooo welcome to the blog. Posts to give you sum background info and details that are not on the gram. 

Art Prints. Something that I haden’t made until a couple of weeks ago. I’ve had the procreate app for a little while now, latwly I got lured by a lot of artists online who were living their best lives on the digital drawing app. One evening I got inspired and needed to draw, my room is full of scraps of paper and miscelanious items. So I got out a piece of paper and started drawing this lady. 

She is inspired by me, a bit if my alter ego so to speak. She needed freckles, as I often draw them on my face. My dad and nieces have freckles, they all wear them so well. My Chinese zodiac is the snake and I very much identify with this animal and it’s characteristics. The concept of the stars and the zodiac signs is something very interesting to study and sometimes give me insights as to how I can use my strong and weak points.

I sticked the face I just drew on a larger piece of paper and decided she needed some helpers to accompany and support her. My christian friend felt a bit dubious about the whole debacle at first, as she was like ‘dafuq r those snakes evil or demonious?’. I assured her, the snakes are not demons from hel. Or are they? *Insert evil laugh*

I like sketching on paper, it gives me control and I can articulate the visions in my head the best. Beginning on an ipad from scratch with just an idea is something I need a little more practise for. When sketching, more and more snakes got involved and it not looked like an aliexpress version of medusa. Something I was content with. 

Curious to hear and see more? In the next post I’ll update you on how I proceeded with the making of.

Xx Burt

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