Art Prints – EP2 Digitalizing

Where we left of

After the sketching was roughly done, I made a picture and loaded it into procreate; a digital design drawing app that is so easy to use you only need an ipad and a digital pencil. I already got an ipad, well it’s my dad’s but I can steal it when he is occupied. I bought a cheap ipad pen for 20 euros and got to drawing.

I had been drawing in the app for just a couple of days and only made ugly stuff. I loaded this sketch in and got to creating. Sure, at first it looked like shiz, but after a little while the drawing was looking sick and I decided to go with it. The outline was finished and colors were added. Having no knowledge of color profiles I used the what I thought were the best fitting colors.

Turns out procreate defaults to an rgb profile, what stands for red-green-blue. A color scheme that is used by any online digital interface. Everything on your mobile devices shows up in rgb. However, printers can’t print these colors and use a cmyk color profile, which means it only uses the colors cyan-magenta-yellow-black. Oops, now when I arrived at the printer shop the guys told me my bright blue green snake lady design needed to change and the colors needed to be tweaked. So, I did that and we got to printing.

I’ll update you on that in the next post.

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