About me

After I came back from my gap year in China I was filled with ideas. Energy that I needed to do something with. One thing led to another and here we are, making art and exploring some of these ideas.

I have been very into drawing and crafting when I was younger, making things in class became a way to deal with boredom at school. Eventually this need to generate my ideas into visual elements became part of my identity.

For now things that give me the most energy and fulfill my vision are drawing, analogue and digital. This resulted in my love for painting, something that makes my pupils grow.

Sustainability is a thing I’m implementing more and more in my life. I often pick up second hand fabrics and sew something for myself to be worn, it gives me great satisfaction.

Besides conventional art the art of cooking is very inspiring to me. A skill I practise in my videos. If you ever want to come over and cook/eat hit me up!

Cinematography serves as a documenting/displaying method, for me it’s another way to put in visuals that reconnect with what I had in mind. Combining everything into mixed media art works that make sense to me.

Xx Britt

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